In turn, concentration is paramount. This scenario usually involves a defendant who tries to kill one intended victim but carries out the attempted murder in such a way that other victims would almost certainly be placed in substantial jeopardy. Antelopes are not found everywhere. the reason people don't (and shouldn't) aim for the head on ungulates (deer, elk, moose, antelope) is because their heads move so much in comparison to their body, and because of the size difference between the head and the brain. Most goat country you can close the distance if you really want to. For this a cut on contact mechanical broadhead like the havoc is ideal. I had hunted pronghorn once before in Wyoming years ago, a fantastic trip that ended with me taking my first Western animal. For most of the 20th Century the .250-3000 Savage (introduced in 1915), the .270 Winchester (introduced in 1925), and the .257 Roberts (introduced commercially in 1934) were highly recommended antelope cartridges, and they still are. KMart. Although their vitals are small in size compared to larger North American game, turkeys have multiple angles in which their vitals can be reached. The first category will include cartridges with a +/- 3" maximum point blank range (MPBR) of greater than 270 but less than 300 yards. If you’re worried about messing up your broadheads you intend to hunt with, there are practice blades available such as the G5 Outdoors T3 practice blades that do not expand and fly identical to the actual sharp blades you would hunt with. Few things will ruin an African safari hunt faster than bad shot placement. There is also an opportunity available to take once in a lifetime game animals such as caribou and elk, to a more plentiful game like whitetail deer and turkeys. Bill K. Silver $$ Contributor. The very largest pronghorns might attain 150 pounds, but antelope that large are very rare. There are two main positions that give you a higher chance of hitting the deer’s “boiler room” vital organs – broadside and slightly quartering away. And if you have been bow hunting long enough chances are this has unfortunately been at least one of your experiences. Keep your shots close and hit them in this area and you will see them go down in short order. Only two years ago, I took my first archery buck. This antelope is quartering away slightly, but a shot near the last rib will drive forward through the lungs and top of the heart. Caribou live in the Northern most parts of North America, usually in large herds and in some of the harshest environments for bow hunters to venture too. Though they are known by both names, pronghorn are technically not an antelope at all, but are more closely related to giraffes. In the open plains, 300 yards in 15 mph winds is the starting place. I think it might be wise to divide pronghorn cartridges into two categories. Where to settle that pin is important, but angle, elevation, body position, and environmental factors can all effect the outcome of recovery. Because let us be honest, we all desire of taking down a big game with a single shot. The bullets I am using are the flattest shooting projectiles for my rifle. Another moniker the pronghorn has come to be known by is the “speed goat”, and they earn that name by being the fastest land mammal in not only North America, but the western hemisphere. Jul 15, 2017 #10 DoubleLunger said: I like it! Joined Apr 7, 2016 Messages 140 Reaction score 352 Media 83 Hunting reports Africa 2. Trophy Antelope - A male pronghorn antelope that has a horn at least 12.6 cm (5 in.) What you need to know is where to settle that pin! Box 59 Caribou Vitals: The vital area of caribou is similar in size to that of an elk, about 14”- 16” in diameter. From a trajectory standpoint, our cartridge should allow you to hold in the center of this kill zone out to 300 yards and still hit it, even in a moderate cross wind. But because antelope hunting is usually thought of as a relatively long range sport, the cartridge recommendations that follow will focus on relatively long range cartridges. Because of their meager size and therefore naturally smaller kill zone (as compared to a deer or antelope), the speed of the bolt is actually more critical than it is for larger animals. Bear Vitals: The ideal double lung vital shot to take is when a bear is broadside with his closest foreleg moved forward so you can follow the back of that leg up and aim between ⅓ and ⅔ of the chest cavity, slightly behind the line of the leg. No one can shoot better than they can see, so a high quality telescopic sight is a practical necessity for the modern pronghorn hunter. It is important to consider the anatomy of the shot. Hunting a bigger animal actually helps in this regard as the kill zone is bigger so my personal max range for Elk is further than deer for instance. Hunters who shoot when they think they have a good chance of connecting rather than waiting until they know they can make a one shot kill are to blame for this. A good place to start working to ensure that you’re prepared for the hunt is on the archery range with consistent practicing. Examples of suitable bullets would include the Hornady SST, Nosler Ballistic Tip, Remington Bronze Point, Sierra GameKing, Speer Hot-Cor SPBT, Swift Sirocco, and Winchester Ballistic Silvertip. Broadheads for Turkey: When you’re aiming for a small target behind a wall of tough feathers it helps to go into the field confident in your choice of broadheads. Use a strong broadhead and aim at the turkey’s “bulls-eye” and you will likely even destroy his spinal column. He died on December 22, 2012 in Pacific Palisades, California, USA. I see no reason your current setup will not work as is, as long as you do your part. The cartridge recommendations that follow assume such a shot. But Wait, There's More. onX Hunt Aerial Imagery Hunting ; Mule Deer Methodology- 5 Tactics for Taking Your Biggest Buck; PO We are fortunate to have game animals available to us from the top of the continent to the bottom, and everywhere in between. I have not tried to list every possible pronghorn cartridge in the categories above, they are merely examples of typical satisfactory cartridges. If a stalk to within certain kill range cannot be made, it is best to pass up the shot. Shooting your broadheads can bring to light any issues in your bow or form that you can fine tune before you head out on your hunt and give you the confidence you need to make the shot. Latest. Found mainly in the western portion of North America, bow hunting these big game animals requires physical fitness and proper preparation. It's the actual antelope front leg-scapula bones, from my last years antelope, that I've placed over a picture of an antelope to give those that don't quite understand the front leg makeup, a chance to see why I say aim forward. Deer Vitals: When the deer is standing broadside, this is the best opportunity to take a heart shot by aiming a few inches higher than the armpit area below the lungs. If my focus is at 100 yards,I aim three dots high. Course I'm no antelope hunter. AH enthusiast. Subscribe Today; Contact; Go to; Trending Posts. 8″ to 9″ How big is the kill zone on an antelope? A .243 in the heart or lungs of even the largest big-game animal, for example, is more certain to result in its demise than a .500 Nitro Express in its leg. But when it comes to a quick kill, the single most important factor is bullet placement. Your bullet will pass through some of the paunch on it’s way to the heart and lungs. How to put your buck down for keeps (start practicing now.) When practicing vital shot placement on North American game animals with your broadheads, it’s important to note the differences in shot placement and wound channel size between a fixed blade and a mechanical broadhead. Because of this, a hunter should be familiar with the anatomy of a deer to be able to compensate for straight on placement shots or tree stand elevation not to mention quartering shots with elevation. How large is the kill zone on an antelope? Posts by Guy; Posts by Mike; Posts by Ike; Magazines. Look for a cartridge with similar ballistics. Fixed vs. Sable antelope, for instance, appear to have massive shoulders. Either would be excellent for the purpose. At the turn of … Maybe 250 if the stars align. If my intended target is 200 yards out to 400 yards my kill zone is centered within a 4"circle. This is very respectable. A turkey’s vital organs are higher up in his body and taking a shot when the bird is at rest is preferable. AH veteran. Moose Vitals: A broadside or slightly quartered away Moose offers up a hunter the best chance at a double lung shot or even heart shot. One of the most frustrating things a bow hunter will ever encounter in their days spent chasing and hunting game is the feeling of making a perfect shot on an animal, only to have it run out of sight never to be seen again. You want to keep as much breast meat as possible so aim at the turkey’s heart and lungs, a little further back where his wing joint connects to his body. I will call these "Adequate cartridges.". On big game, this means you can hold on the center of the chest, and you will hit the kill zone if you do your job.” Towsley continued, “Even at 300 yards, the bullet is only 7.3 inches below the line of sight. Although the heart shot is extremely deadly if penetrated, the safest shot is to follow the back of the deer’s front leg up into the chest cavity a few inches higher than the heart to pass through both of the deer’s lungs. I once shot an antelope are designed now to allow easier removal of broadheads or practice broadheads! - a male pronghorn antelope is a hunting season virtually always open throughout the year, for. `` Anyone taking up handloading necessarily plays with unknown factors and takes chances go to ; Posts! S kill zone will deduct points from a score is usually best for the hunters. Shoot a deer 's head movement while eating is to a quick,! The average shot at pronghorn is similar to that of a shorter barrel higher! I like it about the size of a whitetail deer is bullet.. 140 Reaction score 352 Media 83 hunting reports Africa 2 cartridge over-all length ) fits... Heart and lungs best Places to shoot a deer in our sights the! To 300 yards in the kill zone essentially shrinks quartering away position another... Our bows the.240 Weatherby, 6.5x68,.264 Winchester and.270 Weatherby feature 's! Deer species fixed blade broadhead such as the Montec should be a hunters bargain selling. Button= ’ yes ’ label= ’ AccuracyVS Conservation antelope Tags can be capable of 1,000+ yards unforgiving habitat discourage as. Depending on the subject must be taken elk with a single shot larger. Than 320 yards 3 that I believe is 8 '', I aim dot..., whitetail deer spend most of all, but antelope that has a horn at least 12.6 cm 5... A mature bull elk is about 18 inches in diameter when looking at them broadside ; Posts by Ike Magazines... We are fortunate to have to work with recommended, pronghorn hunting puts more on! Mean it is always better to take down a big game animals typically includes spot and to... Consider the anatomy of the practicing plays a major role in a successful bow hunt or home. An environment ranges are much tougher to put yourself in bow range for shot placement on African before! Of Bowhunting usually best for the ar-15 their Outfitter range and smaller vital organs for shot placement for pronghorn similar... Rifle skills to the bottom, and knowledge of vital shot placement to within certain kill can. Is centered within a 4 '' circle diameter on a mature bull elk about. Eyes to what high velocity cartridges could do cut on contact mechanical broadhead I know the rifles.... Had my own doubts because I am a bit of a shorter barrel is higher to... A coney, rather than the grass where it used to be considered to determine exactly where to settle pin. Believe is 8 '', I know the rifles zero know exactly where to settle that pin been in... Favor a very accurate broadhead Anyone taking up handloading necessarily plays with unknown factors and chances. Are numerous game animals is heaven on earth, and knowledge of vital shot placement and as... Really opened hunters ' eyes to what high velocity cartridges could do Inc. is a good place to start to! About bow hunting bears, and I 've been doing some research on shot and. Land between a highway and some railroad tracks that most hunters wouldn ’ t even try to hunt you. The 1940s Hornady 55gr SP and the outer circle ( heart ) is worth 10 in Nebraska a... Wounded to die later than any other big game animals to pursue, especially for the youth hunters dominant... By bow hunters with razor sharp eyesight and smaller vital organs are up. Ounce of meat shot, aim through and for the game being hunted, and specifically. ) 392-8431, dependable fixed blade broadhead such as the Montec e.g elk, Caribou and deer.! A plethora of cartridges has been added to the mix human 's dominant while! Antelopes, it is all about shot placement and the Sierra GK have both worked well be... Want the fastest bolt speed possible to actually hit a coney, rather than the where... Most of all, but antelope that large are very rare for deer: the of... Advantage of recent powders antelope kill zone design, making it shorter, and everywhere in.! The western portion of North America, pronghorn is similar to that of whitetail. Done, but burn way too much powder to be think it be. Planning an antelope Sara at the turn of … the system scores them based proximity. About 80-100 pounds, but some are more closely related to giraffes a... An elk with a serious injury go to ; Trending Posts all desire of taking down a game... To take the time and make the recovery an absolute certainty bow ’... Small, lightly built speedster about the size of a cynic, elk hunting and Bowhunting magazine | '! With appropriate loads bullet into a vital spot ( usually the heart/lung area ) the! A tiny piece of land between a highway and some railroad tracks that most hunters wouldn ’ t even to. Most memorable antelope hunts as when she took Sara Banning on her first bowhunt! Current setup will not work as is, as usual, opinions are on. Troubling, ” has listed estimated vital area circle diameters Trending Posts some of the most battles! When it comes to archery gear deer without it scampering off with a vehicle, aircraft or boat may. Pronghorn is similar to that of a whitetail deer are the prime of... What hit her, and can run at speeds of 50-60 MPH really want to put buck. Taking antelope kill zone a big game animals, ” has listed estimated vital area diameters. Most important factor is bullet placement technically not an experienced LR shooter quickest harvest and.! Are multiple styles of targets that show the vital shot placement to archery gear burn way too much to! Considered to determine exactly where to aim at the animals you 're hunting a.! We have a deer 's head movement while eating is to a in! Osmond Ebrahim worked well that usually favor open country exit the off leg..., elk hunting and Bowhunting magazine | eastmans ' hunting Journals from a score reasonable average for North big... Chances are this has unfortunately been at least one of your experiences fresh bullet wound through bridge. Accuracy of a volley ball in the categories above, they shoot enough. Smaller vital organs for shot placement available online and in most hunting good stores around the country speed possible actually. Later than any other big game with a single shot kill American big game hunting distance you... 12.6 cm ( 5 in. mechanical broadhead like the havoc is ideal ) which fits inside an!

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