Study Guide for Zeitoun. ... His story is now being told by author Dave Eggers in his new book Zeitoun. The last third of the book is of Zeitoun's detention at "camp Greyhound". Answered by Aslan on 11/8/2019 12:06 AM View All Answers. Zeitoun's comparison of Camp Greyhound to a kennel has strong symbolic significance. Dogs appear again and again in the novel as objects of compassion; Zeitoun risks his safety to feed his neighbor's dogs, and is sickened when he sees the carcasses of puppies who have been shot. Page 181 - It's awful that Zeitoun and Nasser were not eating because they were not served food that met the requirements of their religion. Asked by aminah k #948975. On September 6, Zeitoun and three companions were arrested at one of Zeitoun's rental houses by a mixed group of U.S. Army National Guardsmen, local police and police from out of state. While Zeitoun was incarcerated, first at Camp Greyhound and then in a maximum-security prison, Kathy was, as she puts it, “battling her own demons”. About 1,200 people were interned in Camp Greyhound, literally a Greyhound bus depot converted to a prison in New Orleans. Page 180 - Truly guilty prisoners were moving into Camp Greyhound, which meant it would probably be even harder for Zeitoun to prove his innocence. Zeitoun Part 3: Sunday September 11 Summary & Analysis | LitCharts ... All Symbols Zeitoun’s Canoe The Hijab Camp Greyhound Upgrade to LitCharts A + Instant downloads of all 1388 ... She asks herself how long she should wait before assuming the worst. Ask Your Own Question. Mena Camp: 1914-1915 (pre-Gallipoli) When the AIF left Australia in November 1914, the expected destination was England and the training grounds of the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. In David Eggers’ Zeitoun, an account of a Muslim man who was unlawfully detained and held there for over 40 days, Camp Greyhound was even compared to Guantanamo Bay, perhaps one of the most infamous prisons to ever be documented for the severe inhumane treatment of its detainees. Abdulrahman Zeitoun and some friends were arrested several days after the storm and held at "Camp Greyhound," the city's makeshift jail, before they were moved to a state prison. After mistaking Zeitoun and three other men for looters, members of the National Guard took Zeitoun, a muslim, to "Camp Greyhound" — a series of cages set up outside a Greyhound … (Eggers, Zeitoun). ABDULRAHMAN ZEITOUN: Yes, the Greyhound station. And we stay almost like hour in the lobby there, where -— and taking pictures and checking us and strip us naked and, I … While Zeitoun was incarcerated, first at Camp Greyhound and then in a maximum-security prison, Kathy was, as she puts it, "battling her own demons". Overcrowding and shortages of equipment in England meant that this all changed and with the fleet approaching the Suez Canal it was decided that the Anzac troops would… One of the gross injustices against them both was that Zeitoun was allowed no phone call, which left her in mounting despair.

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